u·bi·qui·ty   - the state or capacity of being everywhere, especially at the same time;


Mobile Devices are ubiquitous and have become the new standard for personal access to internet services and entertainment. Mobile web sites and applications benefit your company by reaching a broad and ever increasing customer base.

Whether you need mobile application development for Android, iPhone or iPad, Ubiquity's team of mobile software developers can deliver. We are familiar with UI design, user experience (UX) design and the core programming underlying the mobile app.

Ubiquity Games began as the entertainment development team for Division Six, experts in software development since 1998. Integrating new technologies, the team's innovative efforts are focused on mobile applications for industry, entertainment and education.


  • Consultation to Determine Needs
  • Interface / UI Design
  • Core Programming
  • Database Design and Integration
  • Java, Actionscript, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS and more
  • Android OS / iOS
  • Mobile Websites and Applications
  • Graphics
  • Branding and Logo Design


Holy Bible
King James Version

Easy to use reference with annotation, easy search and verse highlighting. A totally free app that does not collect your personal information as other Bible apps do.

Abacus Supreme 2
(New and Improved!)

A fun and useful Soroban Abacus with tutorials.
Mobile Device Programmers